Statement of Teaching Philosophy

The intellectual learner will gain skills of diligence and simplicity, relevant to her or to his vocation. Exercising principles and elements, pertaining to apropos of art and design, such like; rhythm, value, line, texture and etcetera, accustom with present curriculum rubric(s). The complimentary studies that inspire, teaching and studio habits are: Visual Systems, Ecological Design Services and Social Networking Formats.

Objective is to facilitate the movement of art design foundations, within a nurturing studio environment, by cherishing semantic aesthetics, including the increase of structured productivity from Fine Arts, Graphic Design and New Media.

The intellectual learner will research and administer an open source of solutions,requiring her or his awareness on ‘Problem Solving', 'Visual Communication',‘Historical Perspective’, and ‘Practical/Theoretical Proficiency’.

Design Solutions,

▪       Problem Solving: Develop intellectual learners evaluative and pragmatical exploration to foster self-awareness, thus allowing safe exploration, maturity and commonality of individual creativity.

▪       Visual Communication: Enable intellectual learners to effectively share compositions, orally and in written form with a focus on integrative care and studious optometry, from tools and the common practice of fundamental research.

▪       Historical Perspective: Learners develop an informed historical perspective, an appreciation to other cultures, openness to new ideas from reductive study on how progressive art styles has motivated relationships and environments.

▪       Practical and Theoretical Proficiency: To provide intellectual learners with a foundational vernacular in visionary nobility through explorations and predispositions, educating a maintenance transition  from an intellectual student to an intellectual scholar within a professional art and design network.

From these resolutions, fundamental foundations and educational clarity, the intellectual learner will be able to, perform competence, perform proficiency, plus successfully commit, a polarization of visual principles, well to a practical acclamation, of innovative practice; in addition to projecting modesty, transcending notion, articulating provision and refreshing her or his values in a decisive yet caring manner.